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  1. Prize of Generative Improvisation of CNSMDP 2005

    Yannick Lopes, Accordion

    Thibault Walter, electronic live

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  2.  Knowing my interest in dance and gesture-sound relationship, choreographer André Lepère invited me to improvise with Dominique Bertrand, multi-instrumentalist and musicologist, and Yuan Chang, principal dancer of the Shanghai Opera!

    Intercadences is the name given to free improvisation, which is performed at Studio Regard du Signe in Paris for a moment, magical.

    Yannick Lopes, chromatic accordion

    Dominique Bertrand, percussion and vocals

    Yuan Chang, dance. 

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  3.  During World Trophy Accordion in Italy, i played my arrangement to accordion chromatic Chamaleon of Herbie Hancok. This original arrangement really charmed the jury and the audience!

    Accordion Chromatic: Yannick Lopes

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  4.  The duo Tazoîsh is one of my last sets created. With Remy Yulzari , we decided to create an original repertory like Fauré, Falla, Piazzolla, Brazilian music, classical Jewish, etc. Here, you can listen a version of the theme that has many Besame mucho pleased the public and us!

     Classic Guitar, Yannick Lopes

     Double-bass, Rémy Yulzari.  

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  5. In 2005, i received a call from a musician friend with whom I had played the double concerto for guitar and bandoneon Astor Piazzola. He proposed to form a trio with saxophonist Klezmer and I accepted without considering the consequences! Under the name Trio Klezele, I managed to make program for a concert at the house of music Nanterre first part of the famous clarinetist: Giora Feidman. At the end of the concert, Giora invited us to the largest festival of klezmer music of Israel, Safed.

    Accordion Chromatic, Yannick Lopes

    Soprano saxophone Julien Petit

    Double-bass, Rémy Yulzari

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  6.  Espirito Latino,  another piece played in World Trophy in Italy.

    Yannick Lopes, accordion

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