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The Group

The group Trio Lopes was created in 2000. It is a family group composed ofJanuário the head of family and player of cavaquinho, and of his 2 children Yannick and Yohann Lopes, professional musicians, multi-instrumentalists and singers, that with this group value the Portuguese diatonic accordion: concertina

Beyond their indisputable and contagious sense of entertainment,  both brothers knew how to investigate the wealth of their instrument: Concertina. At a time when this instrument was disappearing and with it a whole repertoire, whether in Portugal or in the dispora, the Trio Lopes was at the origin of the revival of concertina, first in France then in Portugal and knew how to reborn of its ashes, what was the symbol of a whole region: Minho, northwest region of Portugal.

After having produced their first record in 2001, entitled chula do milénio, the Trio was really going to become a reference for all the players of concertina in Portugal as well as in the all dispora with their second album entitled Caseirinhas produced in 2003. This album recorded in France and only composed of unreleased pieces of Yannick and Yohann Lopes, marked a revolution in the way of playing concertina and the image of this last one.

Their biggest musical success still is without a doubt, the famous Espanholada a portuguesa which was written by Yannick Lopes in 2000 and which all the musicians quote as a reference.

Y.Lopes: « my piece Espanholada a portuguesa did not instantaneously marked people when I played it for the first time in live and in duet with my brother at the cavaquinho, but after some time, the success was enormous. Imagine yourself playing in front of 20000 persons just with 1 concertina and a cavaquinho my Espanholada a portuguesa! It was amazing…

I saw hundreds of young people who did not play concertina and which began to play it after having listened to this piece and to the Trio Lopes generally. It is the pride but also the proof that we managed in a way to convince people that this instrument was worth considering. Before and even today, the one who plays a little my espanholada a portuguesa is popular and listened to with interest. I really believe that my Espanholada a portuguesa and the other musics of the original shows of the Trio Lopes operated a real revolution in mentalities ».

Except their compositions,some of their other success can be considered as musical  performances such as:

  • Paraquedas: choreographic figure that Yannick and Yohann Lopes invented in 2002 which consists in playing embraced, each playing on the accordion put in the back of the other one, on the rhythm of cana verde and all this while dancing!
  • As Costas: figure which consists in playing the accordion in the back, dancing at the same time.
  • 2 in one: figure which consists in playing on a single keyboard of accordion right hand two hands and all this while dancing of course!

In 2005, the Trio Lopes decides to edit for the first time the history of the edition in Portugal of a DVD dedicated exclusively in Concertina entitled Trio Lopes Show. The DVD knows an immediat and incredible success and spreads on every continents with the Diaspora.

With the aim of giving another image of the instrument and showing that it was possible to play  something else than folklore, the Trio Lopes decides in 2007 to enlarge the formation with the participation of other musicians of different cultures. Invited to give a concert to the party of the Radio Alfa in Paris in 2009, the biggest party of the Portuguese community gathering around 35000 people, the Trio Lopes and its band orchestra makes strong impression on the public and share the scene with artists internationally known as the fadiste Mariza and the Cape Verdean singer Tito Paris.

In 2011, the Trio Lopes produces for its 10th anniversary, its 6th record entitled Caseirinhas II. Presented in Catalonia in July, 2011, the Trio Lopes then makes the world discover its premiere  arrangement for 2 Michael Jackson’s music concertinas… The public made them a standing ovation!

In September, 2011, the Trio Lopes is invited to the international World festival  Carrefour of the Accordion in Quebec, Canada, and receives the  coup de coeur  of the public 2011.

Two weeks later, Yohann Lopes takes wins the 1st Prize of the International Competition World Trophy of the Accordion in Italy in the category of diatonic accordion and becomes the first Portuguese of the history to take win this prestigious prize.

In 2009, Yohann Lopes invents and creates a Revolutionary Method of Concertina which has for objective to facilitate the learning of the Portuguese diatonic accordion by addressing everybody, at whatever age, the origin or the level. In 2011, it is edited in Portugal and in 2012 it will be distributed everywhere in Europe. 

The Trio Lopes prepares at the moment its new show and a new tour for 2012.