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  • Coimbra menina e moça by Duo Paris-Lisboa : Duo Paris-Lisbon has been officially invited by the Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities in the world to give a concert at the commemoration of 25 April, the anniversary of the Carnation Revolution. This special concert was given at the Théâtre les Salons in Geneva with the Secretary of State and the Mayor of Geneva.Fausto Frazão words, music Edmundo Bettencourt – Arrangement: Yannick & Yohann Lopes
  • Jota Catalana interpreted by Duo Paris-Lisbon and his friends! : Concert in Villagrassa, Catalonia in July 2012. We arranged this traditional Catalan Jota adding a third party in the form of a traditional Portuguese Vira improvising words depending on the situation.We invited our encore concert musician friends Roberto Italian diatonic accordion, double bass and Francesco Angel’s soul Catalan bagpipes.
  • After receiving a favorite of the president of the company Péniche Opéra in Paris, Yannick Lopes had carte blanche to occur on board the barge opera time 2 evenings. A television crew from the Portuguese national broadcaster RTP ​​had moved to cover the event and you can review the program here Franca Contacto 2009.YouTube Preview Image  
  • After recording our first album with the Duo Paris-Lisbon City Viroflay we received for residency. It was an opportunity to show our music and host school children to help them discover our musical universe.YouTube Preview ImageYouTube Preview ImageYouTube Preview Image 
  • Concert at the trobada del acordió in Catalonia, 2011. Time of our show, final fireworks that captivated the public. YouTube Preview Image “Vareira” original piece of Lopes Brothers YouTube Preview Image“Paraquedas” original musical performance by Triolopes

Thank you to everyone who attended and sorry for those who, many have not been able to attend the concert due to lack of places. We promise to come back soon!